Blair Witch

Following a promotional push under its working title The Woods and a clever marketing reveal at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, the next instalment in the Blair Witch saga is here. Hailed as being a ‘game changer’ and directed by a ‘saviour’ of the horror genre, it is far from being either of those things. In fact, if you dare to turn around and move out of the corner what we actually have is a very cynical remake dressed up as a sequel… Beware major spoilers ahead!


Blood Feast Remake (2)

Blood Feast (2016)

In 1963, Herschell Gordon Lewis unleashed what many consider to be the first splatter movie. Filmed in technicolor and featuring tongue ripping and bathtubs of blood the film was made on a criminally low budget and became notorious for its explicit gore. Fast forward 53 years and we now have German director, Marcel Walz’s ‘torture porn’ re-imagining. (more…)

The Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse

Paul is lonely. Dumped by his fiance at the altar, feeling lost in life and looking for meaning, he sleepwalks through his days. One night whilst dozing on the sofa, he is awoken by a TV advert for a health spa which promises to revitalise his life through a specialised detox. Intrigued by the possibilities, he signs up for the spa experience and heads off to a woodland retreat with a mixture of trepidation and hopefulness. However, the purification process is not quite as expected and soon he is facing his emotional baggage, both figuratively and literally. (more…)


Frightfest 2016: Top 10

So that was Frightfest 2016… 16 films watched, 1 panel talk hosted by Paul Davis with guests from American Werewolf in London, plus a James Moran screenwriting workshop. It is now time for reflection. First up is my Top 10 films of the festival with links (where available). Reviews will follow soon. (more…)



Viral won’t be hitting UK DVD stores until later in the year however you can find my review for @UKHorrorScene here. The trailer can also be found beyond the break, although be warned it is packed with spoilers! (more…)


News & Road Games

So some exciting news… Alongside my own reviews here on Grave Misdemeanours I will also be reviewing films and shorts for UK Horror Scene (@UKHorrorScene). First up is Abner Pastoll’s Road Games (2015) which will be screening at this year’s Frightfest followed by a UK DVD release through Icon and Frightfest’s own label on 29th August 2016. The review can be found here. (more…)


Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary

Back in the early 1980’s Stephen King wrote a tale of infant resurrection, a story he freely admits finding very difficult to write and indeed only submitted for publication due to his need to fulfil contractual obligations. In 1988, his novel was adapted for the big screen by Paramount and directed by Mary Lambert, an upcoming name in the world of music video direction but still a novice in terms of film making. Made on a budget of $11.5m and grossing almost $60m domestically it has built up a large cult following since its release in 1989. (more…)