Body (2014)


Body tells the story of best friends Holly, Cali and Mel who break into a mansion during the Christmas holidays but unbeknownst to them they’re not alone and in a moment of panic a man is accidentally killed. The drama and angst unfolds as they desperately try to cover up their mistake.

Following a UK premiere at FrightFest 2015 and festival stalwart Alan Jones calling it “one of the year’s darkest and most gripping thrillers” I was really looking forward to Body… So where do I start!!??

The central narrative reminded me a lot of films such as I Know What You Did Last Summer and Shallow Grave; a deadly error of judgement leaves a group of friends desperately searching for a moral compass. In Body as each girl psychologically crumbles the well-worn stereotypes shine through. Cali (the beautiful bitch) is all too happy to turn homicidal mastermind as her social standing comes under threat. Holly (the previously meek and sensible one) suddenly develops a dark side to match Cali’s and fun all-rounder Mel is, well, just there! In fact, Mel is such a poorly developed character that she could have been ditched altogether because the ending is essentially a two-hander with Cali and Holly battling it out for “Next Top Bitch”.

I couldn’t help thinking all that angst and murder could have so easily been avoided had the girls just left. Yes the groundsman had seen their faces but he didn’t know them personally; plus he was paralysed and unable call out for help! The house was also going to be empty for at least another month whilst the owners were on vacation, so he could have died from his injuries. Oh and how exactly was Holly going to explain to her boyfriend her homicidal actions considering he was in the house with her at one point and actually spoke to her!?

Body is a mess of a film. A lack of originality, under-developed characters, plot holes (almost as big as the two that opened up on the Mancunian Way recently), character developments that require monumental leaps of faith and an ending that screamed sequel (god I hope not!). I was left sat in front of the end credits feeling seriously underwhelmed. Avoid!


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